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two green owls hanging from a string on a white background with the words, crochet owl necklaces
Mönster på barnvagnsmobil med ugglor
the baby seat covers are attached to the stroller
How to Sew a Baby Changing Mat
The Travel Diaper Changing Pad is the perfect gift to give a new mom, especially if she is on the go. It helps you a lot in some inconvenient circumstances.
a baby bassinet is laying on the floor
Oppskrift: Sy babynest | DIY
Oppskrift: Sy babynest | DIY – GodTid
the sewing pattern for babynest is shown in black and white, with text that reads
Oppskrift: Sy babynest | DIY
two crocheted owl mitts are laying on a bed with a brown blanket
Hej! Satt uppe igår kväll och knåpade ihop ett mönster på dessa ursöta ugglesockor. Dem är i storlek 17-19 och passar ca 6-12 månaders. Jag har använt nål 3,5 och restgarner, gick åt väldigt lite g…
an apron with a bunny on it and measurements
Babero para meter brazos
the instructions for how to make a baby sleep sack
Baby Sleep Sack Tutorials; Baby Sleep Bag Pattern. Sew for Baby
a baby sleeping bag with measurements for it's size and measurements to be measured
Babyschlafsack Maße
an image of a sewing pattern for a dress with the names and measurements on it
Hvordan sy en enkel "sovepose" til små klatrete frø
CREATIVECORNEROFME: Hvordan sy en enkel "sovepose" til små klatrete frø
three different baby cribs with various designs and colors, including one for the infant's bed
ОчУмелые ручки
Идея для наших мастериц. Подушки-игрушки для детской кроватки | Наш дом
instructions to make slippers with felt and yarn on the bottom, inside and outside
Создаем обувку для куколки: Мастер-Классы в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
Шьем милые тапочки-зайчики / cute slippers tutorial #sewing #мастеркласс
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деткам на машине
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an infant's bib and wooden teethpick laying on the ground
Patchwork & Ribbons Bunny Ear Wood Teether {tutorial}
I saw these wooden ring Bunny Ear Teethers on Instagram and Etsy and had to have one for Lydia. But, naturally, I wanted it to be a patchwork one. And since she really likes those ribbon blankies...
a small child's sweater laying on top of a white sheet with the sun shining through it
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charcoal cashmere baby jacket, easy to make from an recycle~adult sweater