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Bell AH-1G Cobra...the G model was used in Vietnam.  #VietnamWarMemories

"USS Intrepid" Showing the very sleek design of the Cobra which was the first helicopter designed specifically for the ground-attack role.

Bell AH-1W Super Cobra

I wish the Alabama National Guard and the Alabama State Militia each had full Squadrons of these of VietNam era workhorses.

The Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun entered service in 1932 and was the standard…

The Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun entered service in 1932 and was the standard Japanese heavy machine gun used during World War II. It was used extensively by the Imperial Japanese Army and Collaborationist Chinese forces.

American soldiers exit a helicopter during Operation Oregon in the Vietnam War…

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Tools of the trade  everybody carried extra ammo for the m60

This has turned out to be longer then I expected, but I think it’s all good and you’ll like it… Today, I want to focus on the American “straight leg” infantryman during the Vietnam War.

Huey helicopters u.s. military army vietnam war photo m-16 veterans ho chi minh

helicopters airlift members of the Battalion, Infantry Regt. from the Fihol Rubber Plantation during Operation Wahiawa. The search and destroy mission was conducted by the Infantry Division northeast of Cu Chi in Vietnam. Photo taken: May 1966