Viking dragons by ~Devilry on deviantART

Norse dragons- the bigger dragon is wrongly drawn, the coils should go under-over-under-over etc all the time! They are drawn in the Urnes-style, which is late Viking age.

Runestone from Gotland showing the Valknot. I want to run my hands over this and I know I could gaze at this for a very long time to take in the details...

Larbro picture stone, Gotland [The Stora Hammars image stones are four Viking Age image stones located in Stora Hammars, Lärbro parish, Gotland, Sweden .

A Viking raven brooch from 8th-century Scandinavia. Ravens were the eyes and ears of Odin in Norse mythology.

Eighth-century raven brooch, Viking, from Scandinavia; Odin's two ravens…

Rune stone, Näsby Odensala, Uppland, Sweden, via Flickr.

Rune stone (U in Näsby Odensala. The inscription says: "Ingefast had this stone raised in memory of Torkel, his father, and in memory of Gunhild, his mother. They both drowned". Runsten (U vid Näsby Odensala.

Modeled from the Lillbjärs picture stone found in Stenkyrka, Gotland, Sweden, the inscription on the back is Frigga's blessing to Odin "Unharmed go forth, Unharmed return, Unharmed safe home"

**Modeled from the Lillbjärs picture stone found in Stenkyrka, Gotland, Sweden…

Lille sølvfigur fra Tissø af en kvinde med fine detaljer af dragten og frisuren. Foto: Nationalmuseet, København.

Small figurine from Tissø of a woman with fine details of the costume and hairstyle. Photo: The National Museum, Copenhagen.