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The Toyota Logo

When it comes to logos and hidden messages, many don't even attempt to study logos long enough to see if there's a hidden meaning. Today we'll be looking at 37 famous logos that have a

Keith Anderson has his right arm is covered in tattoos based on drawings by his son that he has been getting every year since his son was 5 years old.

"This Dad Has Been Covering His Arm in Tattoos of Son's Doodles and the Result is Gorgeous" -- Photographer Chance Faulkner recently did an interview and portrait series with Keith Anderson, a father from Peterborough, Ontario.

Surviving your first Tattoo

Congratulations, you, on deciding on your first tattoo! I’m not going to lecture you about how permanent tattoos are, because you’re an adult and that’s all stuff you’ve heard before.

50 Tattoo Ideas for Male and Female

Great looking three-phase moon tat on forearm! Beautiful dot work is used. There're a lot of moon tats, but rare tat has outlines like this one. In all these three phases the outline is left of the full moon and connected with line.