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an old wooden instrument is laying on a red cloth with two arrows attached to it
Music and Verse in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Times
Copy of a rebec found at Hedeby, Norse town in what is now northern Germany
a man with long hair holding a large instrument
Trossingen Lyre (6th century Germanic Lyre)
Trossingen Lyre (6th century Germanic Lyre)
an old musical instrument with many strings attached to it
Sarangi | Indian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sarangi (1900) ~ A beautiful full sound and a close proximity to the melodic flexibility of the human voice make the sarangi the most important bowed instrument of classical Hindustani music of northern India and Pakistan. A rigid horsehair bow (not shown) rhythmically sounds the gut melody strings that cross over an ivory elephant-shaped bridge (bara ghurac).
a man sitting on the ground holding a wooden object in his hands and looking at it
Bloggen er fjernet
.Norwegian droning instrument to accompany the Hardanger fele ( much like Indian Tamboor, i think. correct if wrong)
an old wooden instrument is next to a stick
Maps, Glossary & Pictoral Guide - Beowulf
Reproduction of Sutton Hoo lyre
a painting of a tiger playing the guitar with a person dressed up as a princess
by Scott Gustafson © guitar lute lion frog art
two pieces of wood that have been cut in half
Earliest music instruments found
Mammoth ivory flute (between 42,000 and 43,000 years old) =>Earliest music instruments found One of the flutes has been fashioned from mammoth ivory Continue reading the main story Related Stories 'Oldest musical instrument' found German 'Venus' may be oldest yet Researchers have identified what they say are the oldest-known musical instruments in the world.
a wooden instrument sitting on top of a blue background - anthrocivitas Resources and Information.
Reproduction of the lyre found at Sutton Hoo