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an image of two women standing in front of a pink and blue background with the word vogui on it
a painting of cherries on a pink background
three red lips on top of a newspaper
various posters with different designs on them
taylor swift love poster with many photos in pink and black, including the words taylor swift
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, Lover
taylor swift repurfaction poster with images of taylor swift and other female models
Taylor Swift
taylor swift's poster for the upcoming album
Taylor Swift Evermore
an advertisement for the 1989 era featuring women in black and white, with blue background
1989: t.s era
taylor swift fearless album cover with images of women in feathered outfits and the words taylor swift fearless
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, Fearless
the taylor swift tour poster for taylor swift
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, Debut
taylor swift's album cover art
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, Red