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Johanne Bungum
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Anyone else think Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are looking at Gryffindor and Slytherin and going seriously again? Hufflepuff:Aw let's just all be friends! Gryffindor: Slytherins are all rude and terrible! Slytherin: That's beca


ok i admit its cool but not "so cool" bc its just colors<<this made me extremly happy but I dont know why. The colors just blended and it was so beautiful.

Oh Daniel Radcliffe..

Daniel Radcliffe is the male Jennifer Lawrence<-- but Harry was famous first so wouldn't Jlaw be the girl HP?<< This man is amazing

Tom Felton's reaction to A Very Potter this!

Tom Felton's reaction to A Very Potter this! <----- This genuinely made me laugh :D <--- seen this video. HI-LARIOUS << Now I'm going to watch the video