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an image of a circle with numbers on it and arrows pointing in different directions to each other
a crocheted cross on a green background
Фото 770407486616 из альбома Frywolitki - moje rękodzieło. Разместила Irena Bagnowska в ОК
crocheted necklace being worked on with needle and thread, showing instructions for how to hook the beads
Interlaced Rings - II
three pieces of white crochet are sitting on a brown surface and one piece is shaped like an angel
Anne Bruvold's SSSR Angel
a card with an image of a crochet wreath and the words, goodnight sew
several crocheted nativity items are displayed on a wooden surface, including a baby's cradle
Natale 2015
an image of a drawing with circles and numbers on it
Frywolitka -
an image of the back side of a pattern
Anna G. Vecherskaya - Tatting
a clock with letters and numbers in the shape of a butterfly on a white wall
International Tatting Patterns
a black and white drawing of a flower with hearts on it's petals in the center
Free Tatting Patterns, Instructions, Tips at Be-stitched.com
a yellow doily on a black surface with small circles in the shape of an ornament
iPad Design Tutorial: Part 2
an image of a cross stitch pattern with numbers in the center and two circles on each side
【tatting】Lilac (Motif)
a drawing of a rose with numbers on it and stars in the background, as well as