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Awesome kid fort idea: king size duvet cover plus exhaust fan facing into duvet cover=awesome fort. Or use a king size bottom sheet over a queen size bed and face fan inwards. Great hot summer night idea for kiddos.

Hollow chair

Vancouver based artist Judson Beaumont created and armchair called Holow Chair. Its shape allows storage of many different things.

The Great Dictator - Final Speech

Possibly one of the greatest speeches "We think too much and feel too little" - The Great Dictator Speech - Charlie Chaplin 1940

Dock Ellis & the No Hitter

Doc Ellis and the LSD No-No. Two thumbs up. it doesn't matter if are a baseball fan or not, check this out the true(ish) story of Doc Ellis throwing a no-hitter on LSD

Joseph, you are not the father.

Joseph, you are NOT the father