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Awesome kid fort idea: king size duvet cover plus exhaust fan facing into duvet cover=awesome fort. Or use a king size bottom sheet over a queen size bed and face fan inwards. Great hot summer night idea for kiddos.

Podhouse - Baar, Switzerland

Picturesque PODhotel as Prefab Module Hotel by Pod Design: Innovative Design Of The PODhotel Exterior With Glass Doors Wooden Wall Small Dec.

The Great Dictator - Final Speech

Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator. When Hollywood was actually standing for something, and wasn't afraid to stand against a dictator!

Dock Ellis & the No Hitter

Doc Ellis and the LSD No-No. Two thumbs up. it doesn't matter if are a baseball fan or not, check this out the true(ish) story of Doc Ellis throwing a no-hitter on LSD

Joseph, you are not the father.

Joseph, you are NOT the father

What's It Gonna Be?

Buddy showed me this cause of the Asian Guy from the hangover. Didnt know he was a doctor before his acting career.

50 All-Time Favorite New Uses for Old Things

Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser. Repurpose an empty ketchup bottle into a pancake batter dispenser and pour the right amount every time! It's also less messy and it makes it easier for making smiley face pancakes for the kids!

Treehotel, Sweeden

THE CABIN TREEHOTEL SWEDEN - The bridge is a long and interesting structure among the trees. The Cabin hangs slightly off-set, under the deck, partly to visually reduce the size and partly to give the tree room its own custom look.