OMG I don't knit but I'm willing to learn just to make these !!!

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens - DIY

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens – DIY -> make a hedgehog and an otter one for each hand and you've got John and Sherlock! now to find an otter mitten pattern… <-the hedgehog would have to be for the right hand, because John is Sherlock's right hand man :)

I like this free printable for small, medium, large. The Montessori website has many free printables that would make great TEACCH file folders.

Children learn to size the picture images from small to large or large to small.This work includes: - 20 small images - 20 medium images - 20 large imagesAll cards are approx.

Crochet Projects For Babies | Baby Crochet Patterns | Free Easy Crochet Patterns Baby Crochet ...

PDF Crochet Pattern: Baby Wrap Around 'Ugg' Style Boots, easy instructions with HanJan crochet tutorial. via Etsy.