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Add logs to raised beds Keyhole garden

Designed for arid environments with poor soil it's a raised bed system with a built in compost basket. Self fertilizing and super efficient at holding in moisture. Uses 1 gallon of water a day.

Focus mind map - how to stay focused in the age of distraction. WOW - this mind map is incredible!!! Every branch on the map has an amazing tip you can implement right away. Hat tip to for the awesome find! And kudos!

In today's digital world of distractions it is difficult sometimes to focus and be productive. The Map of Distractions developed by Learning Fundamentals and Focus by Leo Babauta offer great tips o.

Garden Salad Box, plus some.

Things are slowly but surely growing in the garden. I gave them some twigs to climb, spanning the distance between the soil and the trellis I want them to.

garden ideas

Garden idea simple home made box/net to keep the bugs out yet can be removed with ease. It's a constant battle keeping bugs out if you don't want to use pesticides

Herbs in a ladder garden.

Use an old wooden ladder to divide up planting space in your garden. Smart and stylish! I did this for my herb garden. Just picked up an old extension ladder from someones trash pile on the curb (I asked first!), the put it in the garden.

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