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“Here is an intense one for the entire team at . Twin turbo 351 Windsor HP mid engine monocoque style perimeter chassis for a De…”

I can't stop watching this door open & close

Add this to the list of things we never knew existed but now desperately need: The Evolution Door, a "flip-panel" invention by Austrian designer Klemens Torggler.

Kyosho inferno mp6

Kyosho inferno mp6

Kyosho Inferno mp6 todo un clásico vuelto a la vida

Kyosho Inferno todo un clásico vuelto a la vida

cody-king-kyosho-inferno-mp9-5.jpg (568×426)

RC cars are the cars of all ages; it doesn't matter if you are eighty or sixteen, there is simply the kind of radio-controlled car that you would enjoy.