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two candy canes with one saying, we both know what's going to happen
No One Eats Fruit Cake
santa claus is talking to a reindeer with a cell phone in his hand, and another person has an elf on the other side
a snowman with a microphone next to a rabbit
Snowman Joke
a snowman with a hair dryer on it's head
two snowmen standing next to each other with a speech bubble above them that says jeez, doug you been working out?
sneeuwpop bodybuilder
a cartoon christmas tree in the middle of a room
Cat Cartoons
two cartoon characters are talking to each other about christmas trees and their names in speech bubbles
Things Making Me Smile–Christmas Humor - Sweet Tooth Sweet Life
a cartoon depicting santa claus decorating a christmas tree, with the caption i hate it when the chihuahuas decorate the christmas tree
Santa funnies
two snowmen are talking to each other
Loose Parts by Dave Blazek for December 29, 2015 |
two snowmen are talking to each other while one is saying you need to cut down on the rolls
a cartoon depicting santa and mrs claus sitting at a table talking to each other, with the caption i read the wine list check it out twice
a man holding a sign that says kid ate my gingerbread house
Reality Check by Dave Whamond for December 12, 2009 |