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Your guide to identifying symptoms
There are lots of interesting things you can tell about your health just by taking a glance at your skin. Check out our list of skin conditions and what nutritional signs they’re giving you below.
Use this chart below to help you know if you're drinking enough liquids throughout the day.
In the USA, the statistics show that 1 in 8 women have thyroid gland problems and half of them don’t know about this. Hypothyroidism (when gland activity slows down) represents 90% of thyroid disorders cases. Thyroid functioning is closely connected with the whole body, and if the thyroid is not functioning normally, you will not …
Is green baby poop normal? What does breastfed baby poop look like? Formula poop? Newborn baby poop? Get info and see pictures for all of these and more!
What do your poops say about you? In this video and post, I’ll give you the full scoop on what is and isn’t a good poop.
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Try a little reflexology. | 21 Foot Care Tricks To Treat Your Tired And Sore Feet
Ingredients:  Grated fresh ginger (¼ cup) Apple Cider Vinegar (24 ounces) 2 large organic jalapeno peppers, with removed stems, sliced in half lengthwise Finely chopped organic garlic (¼ cup) Finely chopped organic, white onion (¼ cup) Grated horseradish (2 tablespoons) Curcumin or turmeric powder (2 tablespoons)