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The most secure way to join two yarns 🧶 MAGIC KNOT TUTORIAL
I love this method for joining a new skein of yarn. Especially when making the Claire Bun Beanie because you can hide the knot in the middle of a puff stitch. It’s also great for things like pillows that have an inside that’s never seen or touched. Or anything you add a lining too! Like crocheted bags :)
Crochet Tip: Granny Square - Invisible Join
Looking for a seamless way to join your granny squares? Try this invisible join method. Similar to a mattress or ladder stitch, this join allows you to seam your squares together without adding any extra detail. #Yarnspirations #LearnToCrochet #GrannySquare #CrochetTip #HowToVideo
Quilted Elegance: Square Bag Pattern Guide
Unleash creativity with our patterned square bag tutorial. Stitch a fashionable, functional bag that's uniquely yours. Join us on this crafting adventure and embrace the joy of making.
Look at This Crochet Stitch!!
Check out how to do the Crochet Knit-Purl Stitch on the blog: