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a cell phone sitting on top of a remote control
Just found my old Sony CLIÉ PEG-NZ90.
the sony portable stereo tape recorder is on top of a wooden table with a strap around it
Phantom Productions reel to reel tape recorder 1908 ad collection
a woman in fishnet stockings sitting on the floor next to a musical instrument and trumpet
Stereo Moods
a woman sitting on the ground with two mugs of beer
Beer Wench Appreciation Thread
an electronic device with many different knobs on the front and back sides, sitting on top of a wooden stand
OVERTURE HIGH END Röhrenverstärker - Superleichter Gitarrenverstärker in Vollröhrentechnik
two black and wooden speakers with clear glass tubes on top of each speaker's head
Mastersound Tube Amplifiers from Italy
an old fashioned tube amplifier with its lights on
Lowther Club Jazz 6L6 Amplifier
Lowther Club Jazz 6L6 Amplifier
an old fashioned camera sitting on top of a wooden table next to some headphones
Navis' Setup. Grado RS2, CypherLabs Solo, Copper 22 Interconnects, Continental V2 and iPod Classic 160. #mysetup
a room with speakers, bookshelves and a chair in front of the window
Concert for one. #MusicMonday @jammfactory
a record player sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a framed photo
there are speakers in the living room with bookshelves behind them and a large poster on the wall
Another wicked home setup.