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an old church with many tombstones in front of it and a clock on the tower
St Magnus Cathedral, Scotland
an old abandoned house with iron fence around it
Weird Ohio
Franklin Castle - 4308 Franklin Boulevard in Cleveland, Ohio - It is rumored to have been owned by a man who systematically slaughtered his entire family. It has too many mysterious occurences to not be haunted. Check out the link for all the gruesome details.
the inside of an old building with peeling paint
Before/After Interior of the Physical Culture Hotel in Dansville NY. From A.D. Wheeler flickr photostream
an empty ballroom with large windows and tiled floor
130x100cm / Edition of 5
Dining in style - Old dining room inside this abandoned 5-star hotel
the inside and outside of an abandoned theater
Urban Ghosts Media is coming soon
Proctor's Palace Theatre (Newark, US), opened 1915, closed 1968. Still standing
an old building with some doors and a light at the end of it's tunnel
The Spitzer House 010 by TungusExplossyan on DeviantArt
The abandoned Spitzer Castle in Beocin,Serbia. Built in 1898, the family abandoned its cement factory and home following the outbreak of World War II.
a large building with flags flying in the wind near a body of water and people walking around it
FILE - This 1964 file photo shows the New York State Pavilion at the New York World's Fair in New York. As the fair’s 50th anniversary approaches, the remains of the New York State Pavilion are getting renewed attention, from preservationists who believe they should be restored, and from critics who see them as hulking eyesores that should be torn down. Neither option would come cheap: an estimated $14 million for demolition and $32 million to $72 million for renovation. Photo: Uncredited, ...
an amusement park lit up at night with lights
FILE - This 1965 file photo shows the New York State Pavilion at the New York World's Fair in New York. They were designed as sleek, space-age visions of the future: three towers topped by flying-saucer-like platforms, and a pavilion of pillars with a suspended, shimmering roof that the 1964 World’s Fair billed as the “Tent of Tomorrow.” That imagined tomorrow has come and gone. Now the structures are abandoned relics, with rusted beams, faded paint and cracked concrete. And as the fair’s ...
two stained glass windows in an old building with peeling paint on the walls and floor
There Is Hope
a train track in the middle of a forest filled with trees and leaves on it
beautiful abandoned railway train tracks (If you want to know where this is, comment as I can't put the places on every single picture)
an old stone building with moss growing on it's walls and steps leading up to the entrance
Witch's Castle by laurelhill on DeviantArt
“The Witch’s Castle - built in 1930s as a restroom and ranger station, abandoned in 1960s due to storm damage and vandalism - Forest Park, Portland, Oregon."
four different pictures of an old building with rusted paint and graffiti on the side
A Striking Beauty: 10 Eerie Abandoned Bowling Alleys - WebUrbanist
Abandoned Duke Theatre (then Starlight Lanes bowling) in Detroit, MI
an image of a yellow brick road in the fog
The Land of Oz is a defunct theme park located in the (ski) resort town of Beech Mountain, North Carolina, USA It was opened in 1970 and closed in 1980. At the top of a mountain, a crumbling Yellow Brick Road winds around forests filled with creepy anthropomorphic trees...
an image of a dirt road that is surrounded by trees and bushes with statues on either side