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This is a fabulous storage solution for your shoes. Instead of letting your shoes clutter up your entrance way or take up valuable closet space try this out. Transform some stair steps into a shoe drawer.

With drawers

Beautiful Design of Storage under Stairs; Maximize Your Unused Space with Function : Drawers Bulit In Under Stairs Storage Ideas

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Drawers Under the Stairs. Great storage idea!

Decorating, under stair storage ideas. To maximize space in your home, utilizing under stairs storage space solutions can help to de-clutter and create functionality in an otherwise unused space.


A Craftsman Style, Asian inspired storage staircase to make use of potentially wasted space. Designed by Donald K. Olsen, AIA Architects Sausalito, CA, USA I love the idea of hiding something in plain sight.

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Traditional Wooden Staircase With Custom Cabinets Drawers Under Stairs And Refrigerator Under Stairs: Magnificent Californian Creekside Cottage by Amy Alper