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"THIS LISTING IS THE ART PRINT, NOT THE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \"Blue Moon Jellyfish\" Archival print on glossy paper protected in a clear plastic enclosure, reproduced from my original oil painting. Signed on the back. Various sizes are available in options. Matted prints may also be available (to matte the print for use in a larger frame) - matted prints may have a small white border so that the image


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several jellyfish swimming in the water with blue and white ink on their bodys
Pacific Jellyfish Ocean Sea Animal Nature White iPhone Wallpapers
a green face painted on top of a yellow circle with its tongue out and eyes wide open
an image of a moon face with big eyes
To the Moon, and Back... - Stephen Gibb
a close up of a face on a white background
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a black bear with red eyes and a skull on it's chest is running
Care Bears Gets Toxic by stephfaith on DeviantArt
an egg with its mouth open next to two smaller eggs that have their mouths open
Daily Picdump
a purple teddy bear with the number 50 on it's chest hanging from a chain
a stuffed animal is dressed in pink and white
Dark Howl — Elizabeth Mcgrath Elizabeth Mcgrath
a black and white drawing of a teddy bear
Machine Embroidery Designs | Urban Threads
Tattered Teddy design (UTH3843) from UrbanThreads.com
a blue and white stuffed animal on a purple background
a black and white drawing of a man holding a can
a white stuffed animal wearing glasses and a bow tie with spikes on it's head
a skeleton cat sitting on top of a purple surface
27 Cheap Ideas to Give a Spooky Touch to Your House on Halloween
Cat ornament for halloween | Ideas to Give a Spooky Touch to Your House on Halloween Without Spending a Lot of Money
a purple teddy bear with spikes on it's head and the words i'm very ugly