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black and white photograph of mannequins with robotic arms Techno, Man, Klaus, Vons, The Man, Olds, Musik, The Man Machine
Kraftwerk: Neues von morgen
three heads are shown in the shape of lines Humour, Pop, Art, Architecture Tattoo, Kling, Animal Design, Single, Blog
Kraftwerk – Electric Café LP & “Musique Non Stop” single
an advertisement for the state of the art detroit appearance on saturday, july 25, 1989 House Music, Detroit Techno, Club, Detroit, Flyer, Gig Posters, Techno House, Nitro
Kraftwerk at Nitro (front)
three men in red shirts and ties standing next to each other with their hands on their hips Punk, Band Posters, Band, Post Punk, Muziek, Band Photos
a robot that is standing at a podium Musica, Banda, Ralph, Stylists, Collection, Vivo, Erik, Schneider
a man in black gloves and red shirt laying on top of an open luggage bag
a man standing in the dark with his hands on his hips wearing a red shirt and black tie Films, Film Posters, 90s, Poster, Movies, Concert
a yellow and black poster with four men in it's face, the words haffueah pochet calculator Records, Album Art, Music Promotion, Edition, Vinyl Cd, Album Cover Art, Album Covers, Pocket
Kraftwerk: The Spineless, Emotionless Sounds That Changed Pop Culture - Flashbak
a man in an orange shirt and black tie is standing with his hands on his hips Artists, Singer, People, Archive, Thompson Twins, Frankie Goes To Hollywood
handsome devil
three men in suits and ties are posing for a photo with one man looking at the camera Eric Clapton, Gladys Knight, Daft Punk, Bobby Darin, George Michael, Billy Idol, Alan Jackson, Carly Simon, Bob Seger
100 Best Electronic Music Album Covers | Insomniac
the poster for kraaft twerrk's album, featuring four men in Keyboard, Grafik, Pop Group, Future, Pop Art
an advertisement for the krafftwerk autobahn Posters, Stuttgart, German, Art Promotion, Fab, United Artists
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