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remington rb,1871-1873
part of my collection remington military rb,from 1871,1872 and 1873
swedish army black powder rifle.1872
rem rb .army models,carabin for cavalery,and long rifle for infantery,both in 12,17*44/42, from 1871 and 1872
std swedish/norwegian ammo for rem rb. army,1867-1885,12,17*42, from 1886
original "soldier pack" 10 round 12,17*42,unopened,from 1886
carl gustav rb cal 12,17*44,from 1873
16 g shootgun,Husqvarna sweden,from1888
how I plan to make my 1872 carabin look
1872 rb carabin

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swedish army black powder rifle.1872
long rifle and carabin in 50/70 black powder,1871 and 1872
one of my rem rb. blackpowder guns,from 1887
swedish carabin,50/70,bp,from 1872.