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the structure of a long bone and its major bones, including the lower extrexion
Suspensory Ligament Injuries: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment
a brown horse walking across a sandy field
a brown horse eating hay from a green net hanging on the side of a wooden wall
DIY Slow Feed Hay Feeders
Hay Net - DIY Slow Feed Hay Feeders | DIY Slow Feed Hay Feeders
a poster with instructions on how to use horses for back health, including the horse's head and neck
the window is open to let in some light
enclosing the stock trailer - DIY
the muscles are labeled in this diagram
Barn Girl
We continue to add to Horse Side Vet Guide almost every day, and those of you with the app continue to have a resource that gets better and better! We just added this image to QUICK REFERENCE. That means that it is always on your phone, with or without Internet, for easy reference! This image shows you the most important muscular and tendinous structure of the horse's legs, when viewed from the rear. I hope you find it useful. - Dr. Thal DVM DABVP, creator of HSVG
a drawing with different lines and shapes on it
Hoof anatomy
an image of the anatomy of the foot
Horse Diagrams - The Hoof
Anatomy of the horse hoof
an image of the muscles and their corresponding structures in this diagram, you can see what they are labeled
Horse muscles
an image of the foot and ankle with labeled parts in english, spanish, and french
The Equine Hock: What Horse Owners Should Know - Thal Equine LLC
Skeletal horse leg