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a poster with the words, well behaved kids have parents who practice these 10 easy
10 Simple Everyday Ways to Improve a Child's Behavior and Mood
a pink and yellow poster with the words stop saying you are so smart and start saying
Stop saying "You're so smart" and start saying this. What to say to your kids. #stopsaying #startsaying #encouragement #encouragekids
a hand holding a piece of paper with congratulations written on it and the words congratulationss you got grounded
The Most Amazing Parenting Tactic Ever
Must remember this!
two hand prints with the words, best daddy ever hands down
First Fathers Day Gift....or switch it for mothers day..
a woman sitting on top of a red couch next to a blue and white slide
This is AWESOME!
a bathroom sink under a mirror covered in sticky notes
Life Lives Here.
Post-it notes for Valentines Day. All the things I love about YOU! #valentinesday
a baby in a box with writing on it and the caption reads, coloring box - can't believe i've never thought of this
Berry Sweet Baby
Introducing solids the natural way...gotta love these ideas!! Toddler Meals, Desserts, Homemade Baby Foods, Baby Food Recipes, Homemade Baby Food, Making Baby Food, Diy Baby Food, Baby Foods, Baby & Toddler Food
27 Easy DIY Baby Foods
Introducing solids the natural way...gotta love these ideas!!
a plastic basket filled with lots of different types of medical supplies on top of a counter is Expired or Suspended.
The Midnight Medic basket: Everything you need when your kid wakes up sick- I did this with my daughter and it was a life saver when she came down with the tummy flu! I also had spare blankets and sheets stored under her bed in a Tupperware bin for those late night accidents.
the back side of a stack of dvd's
7 Baby Photo Book Ideas - It's Great To Be Home
since i've been bad at documenting DURING pregnancy, i hope i can be this good when the bub is here!
a toddler sitting in a high chair on top of a blue counter next to a sink
Activity tower: kids feel they can "help" with cooking! great idea!
the instructions for how to decorate an ornament
DIY Fingerprint Snowman Ornament - Project
Looking for an easy Holiday Craft you can make with your kids? Try this DIY Fingerprint Snowman Ornament. All the products are available at Walmart.
the how to create a chore chart that works with text and images on it
Create a Chore Chart that Works | Free Chore Charts for Kids
It can be a challenge to get kids motivated to help out around the house, but getting kids to do their chores not only makes family life run smoother, it is essential to their own development and self-esteem! Don't miss these four simple steps you can take right now to create a chore chart that works. This in-depth post even includes four different types of printable chore charts, plus a helpful list of age-appropriate chores!
an organized recipe binder with labels on it
Kids' Responsibility & Money Management Printables Pack - Modern Parents Messy Kids
Kids' Responsibility & Money Management Printables Pack: morning and evening routine charts, chore charts, spend/save/share DIY piggy bank labels, earning goal sheets and more!