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two different ways to crochet scarfs with the words easy infinnty scarf pattern
Easy Infinity Scarf Pattern - Love this pattern!
a darth vader sitting on top of a bench next to a palm tree
Artfire on Twitter
Come on, you know you want to!
a woman wearing a cowl with the text beginner hour cowl on it
Easy Crochet Cowl Tutorial | Crochet for Beginners | Fynes Designs
Make this in 1 hour, and only 1 ball of yarn! Would make an awesome cheap #Christmas #gift
a quote that says i would rather knit something and give it to a complete strangers than give
this is so true
a red dresser sitting next to a wall hanging
Knitted wall art!
four pictures of a woman wearing a purple knitted scarf with buttons on the side
Free Easy 3C Chunky Collar Cowl Knitting Pattern
DIY: free cowl pattern, chunky Knit #knitting #knitted
a woman wearing a yellow knitted scarf
two crocheted mittens sitting next to each other on a white tablecloth
delirious.....vintage meets elven... love it! The tutorial is here:
the words keep calm and buy yarn are in white letters on an orange background with a ball of yarn
Keep calm and buy more yarn.
a green and white quote with the words i love you as much as yarn which is a lot
I love you as much as yarn, which is A LOT.
Leather Knitting Basket Leather Craft, Leather Diy, Leather Tooling, Leather Handmade, Leather Projects, Leather Working, Leather Items, Leather Bucket, Leather Bags
Leather Knitting Basket