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the back of a woman's body with blue and white designs on it
Rhythmic gymnastic knitwear
three pictures of a woman in a red and white leotard holding a tennis racquet
Arina Averina (Russia), hoop 2019 (photos by Vive Valeque, Olga Soldak, Dmitry Kornev)
the back of a woman's dress with beads and tassels on it
Продажа - купальник Арины Авериной "Фигаро" на рост 160-168 см, дуга 144 см, обхват груди 76 см, обхват талии 58 см, обхват бедер 83 см, длина рукава 60-64 см. Все вопросы по поводу покупки купальника обсуждаем в директе. На вопросы по цене в комментариях не отвечаем, задавайте вопросы в директе. Примерить купальник можно в нашей мастерской: г. Москва, ул. Батюшкова, д.1-3, тел. +79853603850. #lana160_170 #купальникидляхудожественнойгимнастики #leotard #rhythmicgymnastics #rgleotard #шьюкупаль
a woman's red and white bodysuit with sequins on the bottom
Продается купальник б/у "Констанция" на рост 150-160 см, дуга 126-136 см, обхват груди 73 см, обхват талии 61 см, обхват бедер 72 см.…
a mannequin wearing a red and white outfit with sequins on it
two pictures of a woman's body wearing a colorful leotard and sequins
a woman's leotard with red feathers and beads on the bottom, attached to a hanger
a woman doing a handstand while holding a ball in front of her face
Dina Averina (Russia) won GOLD in ball at Grand Prix (Thiais) 2018
a woman in a leotard is holding a red ribbon and looking up at the sky
Arina Averina Pesaro 2018
a collage of photos showing the various activities that are being performed in this competition
Arina AVERINA (Russia)🇷🇺 ~ Ribbon collage @ Grand Prix Moscow🇷🇺 2018/02/18-15 ❤️ Photos from ✍Oleg Naumov-rgymrussia, ✍GettyImages & ✍Asyas_RG_Photos.
a woman is playing with a red frisbee in front of a large crowd
Arina AVERINA (Russia) ~ Ball @ World Cup Pesaro-Italy - 2017/09/03 ☘☘ Photographer Indrek Kask
a female mannequin wearing a green skirt with flowers on the bottom and beading