Gøy mat og drikke

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two bowls filled with food sitting on top of a table next to silverware and utensils
there is a cake decorated with pink and purple flowers on the top, as if it were made out of chocolate
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a three layer cake with white and pink decorations
an elaborately decorated cake with pansies on it
a cake decorated with flowers, cherries and butterflies
a cake decorated with flowers and berries on a plate
a multi - tiered cake is decorated with beads and other things on the top
a colorful cake with fruit on top and decorations around the edges, sitting on a white surface
the cake is decorated with flowers and leaves
colorful maximalist whimsical decorated cake
a decorated cake with cherries and flowers on it's top is sitting on a white surface
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a bowl filled with rice and fried fish next to chopsticks on the side
Aubergine Katsu Curry - SO VEGAN
there is a blue and yellow cake with flowers on the top, sitting on a white surface