jenny glenton prescott

jenny glenton prescott

oslo / Jenny.18 years, from Oslo.
jenny glenton prescott
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sarah walton

love these pieces by UK based artist Sarah Walton… her squiggly embroidery, those floopy hounds, and a whole bunch of crazy/vintage floral patterns. Um, I have nothing else to say, as I am currently experiencing some kind of jealousy overload.


I knew I should have kept that stupid topsy turvy thing from the These things are coming back!but it's the "twisted ponytail" yes.that makes it all better!

NYC garden. norwood. photo by: michele janezic

Lanterns and lights have to be my weakness. I'm sorta like a bug attracted to pretty lights. These lanterns as shown would be good for outdoor events in gardens or around trees in parks. If inside these could hang from the ceiling to lighten the room up.


Nicole Richie Obey Hat and Studded Chucks! This outfit is so me haha (i need denim shorts, high top converse & a snapback.