DIY - how to make a knitting pattern using Excel

inspiration and realisation: DIY - how to make a knitting pattern using Excel

graph paper for knitting charts

free printable Knitting Charting Paper, works as well for tunisian crochet

Pacman - free pattern for cross stitch or hama beads

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ChemKnits: How to Make a Knitting Chart in Excel (Part 1 - Setting up the Chart)

A comment on my peptide beer cozy pattern page inquired how I was able to make the chart look so good. You can go to an office supply stor.

Use this page to create your own knitting pattern.   Choose the size of the pattern and click on the "Create New Pattern" button. Graph paper and symbols Free!

Little convoluted, not explained well, but build your own chart from here.

Marnie Maclean Designs - EXCELLENT tutorials here for charting and writing patterns of all types, lace, to use Excel for patterns, Illustrator for schematics,complex lace charts, Photoshop etc

Ravelry: Lyssia pattern by Marnie MacLean

Tutorial - Using Excel to design colorwork (Marnie, speak! Good girl.)

Marnie MacLean Tutorial Using Excel To Design Colorwork Marnie Speak Good Girl

KnitBird - Knitting software - design your own knit - even import photos and the program changes the pixels into loops!

KnitBird Knitting software - Design your own knit patterns - import photos - make something very special and totally awesome!