TYIN tegnestue architects: cassia coop training centre

Cassia Coop Training Centre - Training facility for cinnamon production - North Sumatra, Indonesia - 2011 - TYIN tegnestue Architects

TYIN tegnestue Architects

'Naust paa aure', a boathouse on the northwest coast of Aure Kommune in the municipality of Møre Og Romsdal, Norway by TYIN Tegnestue Architects

Studio Roosegaarde — Smart Highway photos

The surface of the Van Gogh-Bicycle Path in Nuenen(The Netherlands) - is coated with a special paint that uses energy gathered during the day to glow after dark - by dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde

tyin tegnestue Norway

Striking Rustic Boathouse Made With Reclaimed Materials in Norway

Gizmag interviews senior architect Katherine Chia about the LM Guest House

Located on a rolling farm property in upstate New York, the LM Guest House by Desai Chia Architecture PC celebrates the beauty of the surrounding landscape–sweeping views through an all-glass facade magnify the spacious, open feel of the living areas.

Le caveau-boutique avec sa construction inspirée des capitelles locales...

Du vin, du bois, de la terre et des pierres, en pays de Lunel

Le caveau-boutique avec sa construction inspirée des capitelles locales...

Waarom naar Almere? Om het nieuwe kunstwerk van Daan Roosegaarde | B R I G H T

STUDIO ROOSEGAARDE MARBLES by light designer Daan Roosegaarde are large colored moulded shapes which interact with people via sound, light and color.

The Pop-Up House is a prototype prefabricated home that Multipod aims to bring to market for around €30,000 (roughly US$41,000) (Photo: Elisabeth Montagnier)

The Pop-Up House prototype is located in the South of France (Photo: Elisabeth Montagnier)