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What Does Your Cat Actually Want From You?
While we strive every day to show our cats how much we love them, today, let’s provide them with what THEY actually want. Here are some helpful tips to indulge our beloved cats while catering to their unique preferences. Follow these three tips, and you’ll create an even stronger bond with your cat that will last a lifetime. 🥰
Exercise For Your Cat!
One life-changing thing you can do for your cat this year is to help them get some exercise. 😺 Exercise improves cats’ physical and mental health, prevents behavior issues, and increases the bond you have with your cat 🥰 Here are some ways to make exercise enticing for your cat, so they actually want to do it! 🎉
Cats That Hide!
The holidays can be a stressful time for even the coolest of cats! 😼 If you notice your cat hiding a little more than usual this month, it’s likely due to an increase of new sights, sounds, smells, and visitors. Here are some facts and tips to keep in mind when your cat is hiding: -Hiding is a natural, instinctive behavior for cats. Please don’t pull them out of their comfy cave. -Give your cat lots of cozy hiding spots. Pro tip: The more hiding spots a cat has, the less they’ll hide!
Litter Box Issues Part One
Cats not using the litterbox can be so frustrating. However, it is never random. There are four main reasons why cats stop using their box. Find out more in this four-part series!
Water Container Toy
Cats enjoy mental stimulation and playtime. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend lots of money to keep your cat entertained. Try this easy DIY cat toy that will not only entertain your furry friend, but it will also encourage water drinking! Disclaimer: Whatever types of enrichment you choose for your cat, make sure you play safe. Remember to supervise your cat when interacting with any new toy and consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions!
Litter Box Issues Part Two
Cats not using the litter box can be so frstrating. However, it is never random. Learn more about what may be going on with your cat!
Why Cats Hiss!
Hissing: It’s not aggression. It’s communication! Cats are not being “mean” when they hiss. They’re expressing, “I feel uncomfortable or scared!” And that’s ok! Cats hiss to AVOID physical contact. The better we understand our cats the better we can help them thrive in their environment. 🐱
Upgrade your cat’s life with a catio!
Catios provide safe and enriching ways for cats to explore and experience nature. And we’ve got solutions for renters, too, so watch until the end!
Why You Should Train Your Cat: Part One!
Did you know that you’re already training your cat every single day? It’s true! Every interaction you have with your cat can reinforce whatever cute (or not-as-cute) thing they just did! Our cat expert Samantha Bell is here to teach you how to train your cat in a way that improves both of your lives. This is the first video in a brand-new series of “how to train your cat” videos. Look for a new video each week during the month of October – the perfect month for tricks and treats. 🎃
Hissing and Cat Introductions!
When bringing home a new cat, please don’t give up because of hissing! Even a young, easygoing cat who grew up with other cats and kittens can be upset by a newcomer. It’s very normal and understandable to see hissing with new cats. Hissing just means “I’m uncomfortable.” And that’s ok! To help things progress in a positive way, stay calm and wait until you catch the cats not hissing, and reward them! 🎉
How to Help Shy Cats!
Shy cats may take work, but they are worth it! 🥰 Here is a mind-blowing tip to help them!🤯