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Science or myth The term caveman, sometimes used colloquially to refer to Neanderthal people, originates out of assumptions about the association between early humans and caves, most clearly demonstrated in cave painting or bench models. Pseudo Science, Science And Nature, Anthropologie, World History, Family History, European History, Religions Du Monde, Early Humans, Human Evolution

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Once depicted as brutal, grunting, slouching sub-humans, Neanderthals are now known to have had brains as large as ours and their own distinct culture. They buried their dead, tended their sick and co-existed with our own ancestors in Europe for thousands of years before becoming extinct just as modern humans flourished and began to spread

Actually looks a whole lot like my physical anthropology professor! Lifelike reconstruction of a Neanderthal man - Neanderthal museum, Mettmann, Germany Anthropologie, Bonnie Y Clyde, Religions Du Monde, Homo Habilis, Early Humans, Human Evolution, Charles Darwin, Tornados, Ancestry

The Ups and Downs of Neanderthal DNA

Recent analysis of modern human and Neanderthal DNA has identified nine Neanderthal genes that are present in living humans, and which are are known to raise or reduce the risk of various diseases, including diabetes, lupus, liver cirrhosis, and Crohn's disease. Neanderthal DNA also appears to be important in hair and skin development. Related Link: ** Darwin Drives a Hybrid Animal .

A world map of Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry in modern humans. Photo: An imaginative model of a Neanderthal. Anthropologie, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Forensic Facial Reconstruction, Religions Du Monde, Prehistoric Man, Human Dna, Early Humans, Human Evolution

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Anthropologists have found that complex interbreeding and assimilation may have been responsible for Neanderthal disappearance about 40,000 years ago.

The final face of a Neanderthal man sculpted over a plaster cast of an actual Neanderthal skull by Doug Henderson Anthropologie, We Are The World, In This World, Forensic Facial Reconstruction, Religions Du Monde, Prehistoric Man, Early Humans, Human Evolution, Ancient Civilizations


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This pin illustrates how there is still a wide rejection of evolution among religious communities. This mentality can hinder scientific progress. Pseudo Science, Science And Nature, Anti Religion, Human Evolution, Darwin, Teaching, This Or That Questions, Facts, Biologist

Evolution. Wherever it hangs, the top poster needs to be replaced with the bottom one. Although an excellent rendition of the super basic progression, it's too linear & leads to misunderstanding.

Modern humans are descended from a line of bipedal primates which emerged in Africa 5 to 7 million years ago. Though our direct relations are very hotly contended. Evolution Science, Human Evolution, Earth Science, Science And Nature, Biological Anthropology, Charles Darwin, World History, Genetics, Natural History

Modern humans are descended from a line of bipedal primates that emerged in Africa 5 to 7 million years ago.

All Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm. If your heritage is non-African, you are part Neanderthal, according to a new study in the July issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution. Discovery News has been reporting on human/Neanderthal inter Anthropologie, Art Rupestre, Mitochondrial Dna, Discovery News, Early Humans, Human Evolution, Molecular Biology, Mystery Of History, Ancestry

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Homo erectus was not alone. Three new fossils, which were discovered near Lake Turkana in Kenya, indicate that there were at least two other Homo species living alongside our ancestor two million years ago. Homo Habilis, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Art, Ancient History, Biological Anthropology, Early Humans, Human Evolution, Evolution Science, Primates

Scientists find new human species

Researchers studying fossils from northern Kenya have identified a new species of human that lived two million years ago.

A hyper realistic reconstruction of an Australopithecus africanus based on cast of the skull Sterkfontein, South Africa. For Elisabeth Daynès, sculpting ancient humans and their ancestors is both an art and a science Biological Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Female Base, Anthropologie, Early Humans, Human Evolution, Charles Darwin, Primates, Ancient Civilizations

Paleoartist Brings Human Evolution to Life

For Elisabeth Daynès, sculpting ancient humans and their ancestors is both an art and a science

Neanderthal and modern human skeletons. Remember kids, Homo Sapiens did not evolve from Neanderthals. They were two distinctly different species. Neanderthals are now believed to have partially co-existed with Cro-Magnons and may even have interbred. Religions Du Monde, Biological Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Homo Habilis, Early Humans, Human Skeleton, Human Evolution, Charles Darwin, Creepy

Europeans have three times more Neanderthal genes for lipid catabolism than Asians or Africans

Contemporary Europeans have as many as three times more Neanderthal variants in genes involved in lipid catabolism than Asians and Africans. Although Neanderthals are extinct, fragments of their genomes persist in modern humans. These shared regions are unevenly distributed across the genome and some regions are particularly enriched with Neanderthal variants.