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a bird is standing in the grass by the water's edge with it's beak open
Yellow crowned night heron with mud crab
First Landing State Park. VSP 75th Anniversary Photo Contest Winner in the Fauna Category by Robert Brown
the sun shines through some trees near water
First Landing State Park Virginia Beach VA nothing everyday-ordinary about this beautiful park
the nasa sign in front of an airport
Kennedy Space Center by Songquan Deng, via Flickr
a plaque on the side of a building that reads, first landing state park seashore virginia historic landmark
First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA
First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA
several trees that have been submerged in some kind of swampy area with no leaves on them
Bald Cypress First Landing State Park Virginia
a dirt path in the woods with trees and moss
Hanging Moss at First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA
First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA. Love the Bald Cypress Trail and camping under the pines.
the sun shines brightly over an empty beach and body of water on a sunny day
First Landing State Park
Virginia Beach First Landing State Park - Hometown Favorites [Date of first landing - 26Apr 1607]
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a forest filled with lush green grass and trees
The Enchanted Forest!
I currently live 7 miles from this park. Seashore State Park, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
an oil refinery at sunset with the sky in the background
STS-129 Atlantis on Pad 39a (200911150015HQ) (explored)
Kennedy Space Center - so cool!
a large rocket sitting on top of a building next to a sign that says giants
Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center
a welcome to the cocoa beach pier sign on top of a building in front of a blue sky
Cocoa Beach, Florida
a pier on the beach with buildings in the background
Weekend Getaways and Travel Deals | Groupon
Cocoa Beach, Florida
a sign that says welcome to cocoa beach space capital cape canaverl patrick air base
The History of Cocoa Beach | | Cocoa Beach, Florida, Family Vacation Guide, Cocoa Beach hotels, attractions, restaurants, events, rocket launches and more!
#havertys Cocoa Beach location opened on December 15th, 1965, right at the height of the #NASA craze.
a car is parked in front of a building
Ron Jon Surf Shop, Cocoa Beach Florida - a photo on Flickriver
Cocoa beach, Florida. My aunt used to take me and my daughter here. I loved it. I could spend thousands of dollars. I miss you auntie.