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two cards in a cardboard box with blue flowers and hearts on the front one has a raccoon holding a heart shaped balloon
two pieces of paper on top of a cutting board
Scheibenwischer-Karte / Windshield Wiper Card
a birthday card with a giraffe sticking out of it's back pocket
Comical 6 x 6 Wiper Card
a folded piece of paper sitting on top of a table
Wiper Card by Sandie
someone is making a card with polka dots
Wiper Card using Stampin' Up supplies
a hand is holding an open pink and green greeting card with sweet treats on it
How Sweet It Is Wiper Fun Fold Card
a hand holding a piece of red paper
Tutorial - Wiper Cards
two pieces of red paper with white stripes on them
Tutorial - Wiper Cards
two christmas cards sitting on top of a table
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Christmas "Wiper" Card
a card with a cupcake on it and the words stamp & scrap with frenchie
Interactive Wiper Card
(38) Interactive Wiper Card - YouTube
a cupcake is sitting on top of a card with the words happy birthday written in it
Interactive Wiper Card How to video - Frenchie Stamps
Stampin'Up! Wiper card, Sweet Cupcake, Better together, Fresh Floral designer Paper
some cards that are on top of each other with the words wiper card written in it
Wiper Card - Balloons Pop Up
VIDEO - Pop Up Balloons Wiper Cards - Barbstamps!! Barb Mullikin Stampin' Up! Demonstrator
there are two pieces of paper with scissors next to it and the same piece is cut out
Wiper Technique with Birthday Fiesta Llama | Regal Stamping
Wiper card instruction