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several buckets filled with water sitting on top of a sandy ground
Water and Pipes placed together invite hands on investigation. So much conversation and exploration! Love this!
a little boy that is standing in front of a painting
Stripe Lights
reggio emilia classroom - Google Search - I like the use of a small detail brush and a sponge brush for spreading the sand - this could also be fun on a mirrored surface
there are many bottles and jars on the wall next to each other in front of a brick wall
Recycle! Reuse! Redesign! Repurpose! Renew! and RE-INSPIRE!
Color exploration - inspired by Reggio this!
four pictures of people made out of cardboard with scissors and eyeballs on the faces
Projects (Reggio)
a room filled with lots of framed pictures on the wall next to a computer desk
Reggio Inspired: Hanging Art - Fairy Dust Teaching
Reggio Emilia inspired classrooms and projects...hanging work vertically...using wire/bent paper clips?
some jars are sitting on a table with candles
Reggio Inspired: Color - Fairy Dust Teaching
Fairy Dust Teaching Kindergarten Blog: Reggio Emilia: Color Mirror in front of the light table
the shelves are filled with different colored samples
Reggio Inspired: Color - Fairy Dust Teaching
Shelves of art materials arranged by colour. Paint chips act as labels. Make art materials so appealing! (Reggio Emilia: Color - Fairy Dust Teaching)