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Luke hemmings imagine

This is actually a hilarious imagine. Luke would say this (on another note, I said something similar to this to my boyfriend when my cat was running and then hit a wall at first he laughed then he said "HEEEYYY!

That quote.<3 And that blonde one is wearing a Blink 182 shirt! He's cool!!!:p

This is one of the most truest things I have ever heard. It just proves how music is a special connecting thing for all people.

This picture somehow summarizes 5 seconds of summer. Here it is. Right here. The picture says it all.

ok so i am 12 yrs old and ppl are like do they know that they have a chance to date/whatever and yes we do but cant a 12 yr old dream? so yah just wanted to say that bc i saw a post :\

5 Seconds of Summer 5SOS Luke Hemmings Calum Hood Ashton Irwin Michael Clifford

5 seconds of summer group hug michael clifford luke hemmings calum hood ashton irwin

i just love this picture

What are you guys favorite artists or songs at the moment? I need some new music to take my mind off of what the boy's new music is going to sound like lol.

Ashton loves spaghetti... i love spaghetti... coincidence... I THINK NOT

i love spaghetti. I THINK NOT<< Ashton would date a fan. I THINK NOTTTT>> Ashton loves vanilla scented candles. I AM a vanilla scented candle.

"sassiest in the band", "bad habit: being too loud" ,"extremely clingy"- Michael Clifford is me and I am him.

"sassiest in the band", "bad habit: being too loud" ,"extremely clingy"- Michael Clifford is me and I am him.<<me and him are exactly the same exept for fangirling over arianna