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Until you can answer for the years of oppression, racism, hatred, and exploitation, don't ask me how I feel about Bomani's shirt! You might get your feelings hurt! By Any Means Necessary, Black Pride, Black Power, African American History, History Facts, My People, Oppression, Black People, Black Is Beautiful

You've not only used us as mascots, along with many other nations of people, but waaaay worse, so please shut up unless you are finally listening to your own hypocrisy. The rest of the world is laughing at YOU with US. They finally have peeped your game #Esau #JigsUp

Exactly the point. Look at the news, history, entertainment. We ALREADY KNOW white lives matter.black lives are the ones consistently questioned. That's why All Lives Matter statements miss the point entirely and are the essence of the problem. We Are The World, In This World, By Any Means Necessary, White Privilege, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, In Kindergarten, Social Justice, Thought Provoking

PP:One race...the human race. We are all human...the amount of pigmentation in our skin does not make some humans 'more human' and other humans 'less human'. Why can't all of humanity understand this? Why do some humans try to dehumanize their fellow humans? Humanity is the group we ALL belong to, no matter the amount of melanin contained within our skin. No human is less than or more than the other. Those who can't accept this fact need to look inward and ask themselves why they choose…

history records that our israelite women were raped by the white man, if we did not SUBMIT, we were beaten and even killed.don't believe the lie! African American History, Native American, Before Us, History Facts, My People, Black Is Beautiful, Beautiful Women, Black People, Black History

Psalms 58.3 The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.

ringdynasty: “call-of-cthulhu: “ sinidentidades: “ Australia’s history of racism towards Aboriginals is absolutely disgusting. ” Until the indigenous Australians came under the Flora And. Aboriginal History, Aboriginal People, Aboriginal Children, Happy Australia Day, Historical Pictures, African American History, World History, Slavery History, Maori

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“Australia, until 60s, Aborigines came under the Flora And Fauna Act, classified them as animals, not human beings”

This image is used to easily illustrate what cultural appropriation is. It is taking pieces from another culture that they have been condemned for, and making a mockery of it whether that be on purposely or not. We Are The World, In This World, Cultural Appropriation, My Black Is Beautiful, Beautiful People, Afro, Black Pride, Black Power, African American History

Looolz I think it was embarrassing for them the way they wanted our features since we were meant to be beneath them so they tried to make fun us which helped maintain their pathetic little self esteem. Now their ancestors who see us as equal ish show us what they were afraid to do, they were afraid of our beauty. Just saying just compliment

Never new this and I’ve studied black history Babylon The Great, Cigar Cases, Black History Facts, African Diaspora, Knowledge Is Power, My Black Is Beautiful, Yesterday And Today, African American History, Black People

BEWARE! The blacks of slavery and the slave coasts are God's Chosen people. The REAL biblical Hebrew Israelites living under ALL the CURSES of Deuteronomy for breaking the laws given unto Moses (black man). The Bible is about BLACK people NOT white. Christ is BLACK according to the Bible. BEWARE of the FAKE jewish IMPOSTERS that STOLE the Holy Land (Revelation 2:9 + 3:9) Go here: GatheringofChrist.org GOCC on Youtube

Remember, white people are notoriously know to be racist, so there’s really no surprise when someone says white pride they think of this instead of Irish pride or another type of European. Thing 1, Faith In Humanity, History Facts, History Quotes, Social Issues, Black People, Black History, Fake History, American History


there is people on both sides who act like both, some people are proud of their white culture i dont really care thoug. there are plenty of black latino people who act like the ''white pride'' picture above