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Jasna Zivkovic
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Metabolism Booster ~ green apples, cucumber, beetroot, lemon, ginger; ice if you like, process; enjoy!

Wanna Boost Your Metabolism system ? well today I am going to 11 ways to boost your Metabolism. Find the reasons behind your low metabolism.

Best Juice for Your Skin

Herbal Hills ayurvedic juices like aloevera , amla, diabohills, trimohills are nutritional concentrated juices good for daily consumption with no side effects.

GET YOUR JUICE ON! Carrots have been touted for their skin enhancing properties. Now research is finding lycopene, which is found in red vegetables and fruits such as Tomatoes are superfoods for the skin as well. Helping reduce the effects of a poor diet, sun damage and result in smoother healthier skin. Try some external lycopene product for brilliant skin like #Indielee #brighteningcleanser

JUICE FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN: This juice combo has all the necessary ingredients for improving your skin's texture and elasticity. Lycopene in tomatoes is said to improve the skin’s ability to protect against harmful UV rays. The high quality vitamin A, C a

The Best Butt Workout (Download PDF)

The Best Butt Workout - Hip Thrusts, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, Plie Sumo Squats + Side Lunges. The girl in the pic is prob all of 18 years old, but what tha heck.