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some medical stickers are laying on top of each other with the names and numbers below them
Doctor Pretend Play Kids Printables
Doctor Pretend Play Free Kids Printables
an air breathing device is attached to a wall with the word air written on it
DIY Fireman Air Tank & Play
DIY Fireman Air Tank for dress-up by crayon box chronicles. Easy, fun, and made from recycled materials.
a child's hospital room with blue walls and furniture
Medical center dramatic play addition--this would be especially good for children who have fears associated with going to the doctor.
an image of teeth and gums on a paper bag
a little boy that is standing in front of a table with some cut out paper
Kleuterschool Ondersteboven de boteraard
Kleuterschool Ondersteboven de boteraard: dokter
a red and white beaded lanyard with a heart shaped pendant on it's end
Doktersfeestje deel 1: maak een stethoscoop!
.: Doktersfeestje deel 1: maak een stethoscoop!
four pictures of children's shirts with red crosses on them and the words voor, na
Dokter Nina
DIY recycleren en verkleden: kostuum gemaakt voor mijn kleine dokteres; gerecycleerd van oudere longsleeve (diadeem beplakt met papier en kartonnetje)
the baby is laying down in his crib surrounded by red crosses and diapers
thema ziek zijn bij peuters
thema ziek zijn bij peuters - Google zoeken
two paper cut outs with medical items on them
three pieces of art made out of construction paper sitting on top of a wooden table
Ziekenwagen met wielen van wc rollen en laten beplakken met stukjes papier en rood kruis
a child's playroom with clothes hanging on the wall
DIY Pretend Play; Doctor Treatment Room. :-D
x-ray craft Human Body, Diy, Science Projects, Xray Art, X Ray, Body Preschool, Human Body Activities
“X” X-ray
x-ray craft