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Jannicke Bjørnbak

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Jannicke Bjørnbak
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24 Jokes Only "Once Upon a Time" Fans Will Understand-----When Regina acknowledged the insanity that is Henry’s family tree.

Once Upon a Time Lineage: Peter Pan (Rumplestiltskin's father), Rumplestiltskin, Baelfire/Neal, Henry.

Once Upon a Time lineage - Peter Pan, Rumplestiltskin, Baelfire/Neal Cassidy, and Henry Mills, with a comment about the unusual order from great grandfather (Pan) to great grandson (Henry)

Ouat, Mary, Once Upon A Time

Red Riding Hood and Snow White #OnceUponATime

Red Riding Hood and Snow White

To be fair, he did give the card meant for his wife *to* his wife. But Rumple is the Loki of the OUAT fandom, so he still wins. lol 〖 Once Upon a Time Prince Charming David Nolan Snow White Mary Margaret Blanchard Rumplestiltskin Belle funny 〗

Writing Prompt: The secondborn feels cheated out of not getting a fairytale so goes off in search of a bad fairy/witch.