spinach juice

the little red house: the weekly juice : Spinach Shots. 3 handfuls of spinach, lemon, and 1 green apple

www.inthelittleredhouse.blogspot.com by the little red house, via Flickr

Spring Green Juice: 3 large pieces of kale / 3 large handfuls of spinach / 1 cucumber / 1 green apple / lemon (peeled) / lime (peeled) / inch piece of ginger

Fat Cutter Drink Recipes

9 Super Fat Cutter Drink Recipes For Weight Loss

Dr Oz recommends drinking Green Tea Lemonade to help Burn Belly Fat. Green Tea Lemonade is delicious and has antioxidants that help eliminate fat cells. *I made a gallon of this & figured out I needed 4 lemons.