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two children sitting at a table with books and pencils in front of their faces
a woman sitting at a table writing with an angel above her head
Teresa escribiendo
a nun holding a book in her hand and pointing at the viewer with both hands
Venerable Madre Teresa de la Cruz Candamo
Mis ilustraciones: Venerable Madre Teresa de la Cruz Candamo
a drawing of a woman with an angel halo on her head sitting in the ground
Santa Teresa de Jesús, ella vivía enamorada de JESÚS
an image of the simpsons character in cartoon form
molde bailarina
a drawing of a girl with hearts on her head and hands behind her back, in front of a white background
Africa, Rincon, Timoteo, Pintura, Artesanato, Color, Blog
Doodles, Children, Kawaii
an image of a child's drawing on paper with the words pedagoa written in spanish
a drawing of a girl holding a teddy bear in her lap with the words medica written on it
a drawing of two women sitting in chairs with the word pesocia written on them