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an info sheet with different types of words and pictures on the bottom right hand corner
Graad 6 Afrikaans Werkkaart
Verkleining Afrikaans Language, Afrikaans, Nederlands, Language, Kids Learning Activities, Tenses, Kids Preschool Learning
Graad 6 Afrikaans Werkkaart Verkleining
an english worksheet with pictures of animals and letters
a printable worksheet with the words mennonium and an image of three children
Graad 5 Afrikaans Grade 5 Afrikaans Afrikaans Werkkaart INTENSIEWE VORME MEMO
the words in this worksheet are very difficult to read
an english language poster with pictures of people in different colors and sizes, including the words'manne en vrulie gesiage '
a green and white poster with words that say word sorte in different languages, including the
Kids Poems, Phonics Kindergarten, Waldo
the words in different languages are arranged into four squares, each with an individual's name
Nog 'n verniet speletjie!