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a bag of colorful yarn with a woman's face on the front and side
fuzzy wuzzy bath soap in a box
an oil painting of orange flowers in a glass vase on a blue and white background
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Martha Lever
an old children's book with cartoon characters on it - Serving the Online Animation Community
an image of a cartoon book with dogs riding in a hot air balloon
a woman holding a stuffed animal in her arms
Television personality Shari Lewis shows off her famous puppet 'Lamb...
a cartoon character holding a baseball bat in front of a green background with the words snapplepuss on it
Hanna Barbera Photo: top cat
an image of a man with hamburgers in his hand and the words i will gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
CopyCat McDonald's Big Mac
a magazine cover with an image of two men and a boy
Courtship of Eddies Father
the doll is wearing an orange dress
My Top 5 Favorite Toys