Jan-Erik Morgenlien

Jan-Erik Morgenlien

Jan-Erik Morgenlien
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Here for your perusal is a collectible photograph of a Crow Scout in Winter. It was created in 1908 in Montana by Edward S. Curtis.    The photograph illustrates a Crow (Apsaroke) man on horseback on snow-covered ground in the Pryor Mountains.    We have compiled this collection of photographs mainly to serve as a valuable educational resource. Contact curator@old-picture.com.

This is a photograph of a crow scout in winter. It was taken in 1908 in Montana by Edward S Curtis. The photog illustrates a crow ( Apsaroke) man on horse back on snow- covered ground I the Pryor Mountains.

Hammersmith Bridge-London 1900. Love that little car or whatever they called it. How about the bus in the background too!!

A cyclist riding a penny farthing over Hammersmith Bridge, London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) London in the Victorian Era

Bull Chief, an Indian Warrior. It was made in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis.  old-picture.com

dramatic photo of Bull Chief, an Indian Warrior. It was made in 1908 by Edward S. The illustration documents this Indian in a head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front. He is wearing a buffalo headdress with horns.