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the back cover of a book with lines and dots on it
Диванная подушка для интерьера в морском стиле
the instructions for this crochet pattern are shown in blue and red, with different colors
an image of a circular pattern with words written in chinese
Otro chaleco circular….color supercombinable !!!
an image of a bunch of arrows in the shape of numbers on a piece of paper
Салфетки и скатерти-17
Салфетки и скатерти-17 - Страна Мам
two pictures with different designs on them, one is blue and the other has green
an image of a heart with letters and numbers in the shape of a cross on it
a cross stitch pattern with the words christmas day written in white and black on it
the knitting pattern is displayed on an iphone
a cross stitch pattern with birds and flowers in the center, on a white background