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I have an uneven circle in my head….

Todays post in English My thoughts often follows different shapes...... usually circles.... When I think about the 12 months of the year for instance. I see it as an uneven circle, where January is at the top and a bit to the right side - and the next months follows downwards to July which is at…

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To climb a mountain…..

Todays post in English It is that time of year again The weekend we´ve planned for all year... Looked forward too What peak to climb this year? Where should we travel? Where should we stay? For 9 years we have traveled and climbed mountains with our colleagues These are the mountains we have climbed: Melderskin…

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Biggest bitch ever!!!

Todays post in English Yes I can be some times... Luckily my boyfriend forgives faster than the rain falls in Bergen :) .....and let me tell you; that is damn fast!! And what was the reason for my behavior?? GOLF :( Or more precise my failed attempt to play golf .... I have been…