Hand Crafted Accessories

The skills and traditions of craftsmen and women are shown in full splendor in their application to contemporary fashion accessories
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These beautifully handcrafted handbags are made from wonderfully soft and tactile leather. The mother-of-pearl bags are small and easy to wear and come in an array of bright colours. The use of mother-of-pearl detailing, traditionally found encrusted in Levantine furniture, adds a dramatic and luxurious twist to this classic shoulder bag. The Key of Life clutch symbolizes the fusion of a modern fashion accessory with the Hieroglyphic symbol, the Key of Life.

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For the past 40 years, Shahira Mehrez has been fighting to keep the traditional clothing styles of rural Egyptian women from disappearing into the maelstrom of Westernization, taking their identity and their ancient knowledge with them. These items are made by 1,200 women and youth from the El-Arish Needlework Program, which was founded by the Mennonite Central Committee of North America in 1973 to develop female employment in the North Sinai.

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The Egyptian Heritage Company scarves are handmade by traditional weavers from the Nagada village in Upper Egypt. The looms used are the same type used during Pharaonic times and this particular art of weaving has been handed down from generation to generation. Turath, aims to protect Egypt’s heritage through a variety of different handicrafts, while improving living conditions of workers, enhancing the quality of handmade products, and developing an awareness of the environment.

The word Tally describes a traditional technique of embroidery with silver and metal from the south of Egypt. The technique goes back hundreds of years and was originally created with pure silver or pure gold threads. Today, the thick threads are made of an alloy of metals but still mainly silver. All the designs are geometric, while the repetition of designs along the fabric takes its inspiration from the ancient walls of the Pharaonic temples, Coptic monasteries and typical Egyptian…

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