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Jannica Jaia Gaia
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Mr Unavailable & The Fallback Girl

I just started reading this! Highly recommend if you're trying to make sense of things. Mr Unavailable & the Fallback Girl - understanding emotionally unavailable men and the women that love them.


Boho ~~ in Felt Fashion via the violet divide

I had no idea what kind of pants to wear, but this just gave me loads of ideas ^_^

by Onanya

Green and Gold Leafy Pants - Elvish - Woodland - Yoga - Renaissance - Faeriworlds - Pirate - Medium

Felt Rain Forest Leaf Wood Nymph Belt

Felt Rain Forest Leaf Wood Nymph Belt by frixiegirl


:)cool gypsy elf skirt, could be made witchy


Pagan Skirts Wicca Witch: Wild violet flame Fae of the natural wild spirit wrap…

hippy skirt

Sarah-Maria Lackner Artist Interview Felt Clothing Pixie Style from Australia Enchanting Unique Designs First Etsy Seller amazing woman beautiful earth mama

love that skirt

Spirit of the forest lake Fae nature spirit clothing

Mother nature~

'We, as humans, have an extraordinary ability to be rooted yet flowing at the same time. It is important to see this as a strength; to celebrate change as integ