Ainu People

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AN AINU PATRIARCH of OLD JAPAN -- Refused to Adopt the Inferior, Barbaric Culture and National Origin Fairy Tales of the Hairless, Invading "Yamato" Japanese

Photo and Comments about these fine folks are HERE : The entire AINU Set is HERE : Both the Okinawans and the Ainu have plenty of bones to pick with the current occupying over-lords who control things from their bureaucratic bunkers in Tokyo. It's not unlike the Native "Indians" of the Americas who have a pile of bones to pick with the conquering Europeans who over-ran them. Although…

The Kimono Gallery

Ainu husband and wife. Hokkaido, northern Japan. About 1900. Hand-colored. MIA

Tattoo History: The Tattooed Ainu Women of Japan

Vintage Portraits of the Ainu women of Japan with Tattooed lips

Mamiya Rinzo - Kita Ezo zusetsu vol. 2 (1855) f

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Shigehisa Suzuki - Karafuto nikki Vol. 1 (1860) a

Ancient Black China: The Mongols, Zhou, Ainu, Jomon, and Huns

Ancient world history: Interwoven history of all the world's original civilizations in chronological context and in book format: China

Digital Special Collections | Ainu men, Louisiana Purchase Exposition (St. Louis World's Fair), Saint Louis, Missouri, 1904

Ainu LIFE Washing Bear Mouth

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アイヌと蒙古 | ツカダユキオ イラストレーション


ポロヤ ヘシカイ酋長ノカマップ部下 (c)YUKOU SAKURABA/SEBUN PHOTO


繝昴Ο繝、 繝倥す繧ォ繧、驟矩聞繝弱き繝槭ャ繝鈴Κ荳擬25227001476]縺ョ蜀咏悄邏�譚舌�サ繧、繝ゥ繧ケ繝育エ�譚舌�ゅい繝槭リ繧、繝。繝シ繧ク繧コ縺ァ縺ッ3000荳�轤ケ莉・荳翫�ョ鬮伜刀雉ェ縺ェ蜀咏悄邏�譚舌�サ繧、繝ゥ繧ケ繝育エ�譚舌�サ蜍慕判邏�譚舌′雉シ蜈・蜿ッ閭ス縺ァ縺吶�ゅΟ繧、繝、繝ェ繝�繧」繝輔Μ繝シ菴懷刀縺�縺代〒縺ェ縺上Λ繧、繝�繝槭ロ繝シ繧ク繝我ス懷刀繧りア雁ッ後↓蜿悶j謠�縺医※縺�縺セ縺吶��



Facial reconstruction of Jomon - Page 3

Facial reconstruction of Jomon - Page 3

Modern Japanese and European anthropologist and scientist concluded Ainu and Jomon are actually what proto-mongoloid looked like, their genetics and skulls have no similar ity to Caucasoid only their cranial facial appears like Caucasian, they have more in common with Amerindians than to any Europeans, Australoids, Melanesian ect Proto-mongoloid = no East Asian appearance Neo-mongoloid = evolved from proto-mongoloid due to adaption of the cold during the ice age. Japanese =


特別展「夷酋列像 -蝦夷地イメージをめぐる 人・物・世界-」開催 12人のアイヌの首長たちを描いた《夷酋列像》から展望する北東アジアの世界-フランス・ブザンソン美術考古博物館と国内の所蔵作品が一堂に会し関西初公開


The Blue People - Ancient Races, Angels and Hell....



The Grandchildren Bears (c.1906)

Undetermined caption in japanese [Portrait of two Ainu men and women with two bear cubs] Vintage photographic postcard, circulated in 1906, divided back, publisher undetermined, Japan. © Casas-Rodríguez Collection, 2009. Some rights reserved.