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Cats Toys Ideas - Cat condo in use! Made from tidy cat bucket! ★ More on - Ideal toys for small cats Toys Ideas - Cat condo in use! Made from tidy cat bucket! ★ More on - Ideal toys for small cats Tidy Cat Litter, Tidy Cats, Feral Cat Shelter, Feral Cats, Feral Cat House, Cat Shelters, Cat House Diy, Diy Cat Toys, Gatos Cool

3 Creative DIY Cat Toys | Hill's Pet

Discover how to make three creative DIY cat toys out of household items. Cats can get bored very easily, which is why you need to keep her interest.

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The Kitchen Classroom: Cathy from Jehovah Jireh Farm • Pantry Paratus

The Kitchen Classroom with Cathy from Jehovah Jireh Farm Homeschooling on the Farm I recently asked Cathy if she could explain the importance of the kitchen in homeschooling her beautiful, intelligent children. In her very gracious way, she took a few minutes to share with us how they utilize food production, preparation, and preservation …

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Make Your Own Automatic Pet Feeder

With a plastic kitty litter bin, a glue gun, scissors and a plastic tray, you can easily make your own automatic pet feeder perfect for dogs and cats.

Rag Bin out of Tidy Cats container. After seeing her storage idea I will never look at an ugly Tidy Cats container the same way again! Tidy Cat Litter, Tidy Cats, Litter Box, Plastic Bag Storage, Plastic Bins, Plastic Containers, Potato Bin, Recycling Containers, Modern Plant Stand

Rag Bin

I have 2 cats, Relic and Luna. A few months ago I discovered "light-weight" kitty litter and love it, No more lugging 50 lb containers! And because I paint and sculpt and renovate and work with plaster and clay and well - just about anything I can het my hands on - I use rags, I use lots of them. Now, I figure out what to do with those wonderful hinged lidded containers the kitty litter comes in. Not just for rags but for lost of things! My rag container. UGGGGGLY, looks like a p…

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Recycle Cat Litter Buckets

Many of you have asked do I recycle. Well of course. I have a cat and there is nothing better then the cat buckets for ,well,everything. In the winter they sit on the counter with my herbs growing in them. In the summer they make great planters with a bit of new soil each year. WE painted the buckets White and left the handles on . I drilled holes in one all the way around and use it as a potato bin. Cat litter buckets !

How to Set Up an Outdoor Cat House for Pets, Strays, and Ferals - Cats - Gatos Feral Cat House, Feral Cat Shelter, Outdoor Cat Shelter, Cat House Diy, Outdoor Cats, Feral Cats, Outdoor Cat Houses, Raising Kittens, Cats And Kittens

10 Ways To Help Stray Cats This Winter

No matter how many rescue groups there are, homeless cat ... Read more

Kitty napping in tidy cat condo! - Amy Bullert - Kitty napping in tidy cat condo! Kitty napping in tidy cat condo! Tidy Cat Litter, Tidy Cats, Litter Box, Outdoor Cat Tunnel, Cat Tree Plans, Diy Cat Tree, Cat Trees, Cat Perch, Ideal Toys

7 D.I.Y. Cat Condos and Trees For Little Or No Money – Everything Made Easier

One thing all cats seem to have in common is the desire to climb. Finding places to climb in your house can be a challenge for them and the cost of store bought cat condos and trees is ridiculous. Every time I am at the pet store I look at those big cat condos; think …